Palestinians: several dead in air raid

251518fd44b494abf6cbee7c88ac5013 - Palestinians: several dead in air raid

GAZA – Three Palestinian youths have been killed by an Israeli airstrike. That says the Palestinian ministry of Health in the Gaza strip, which talks about teenagers of twelve to fourteen years old.

Israel attacked some 80 targets during the past few days.

The Israeli army confirms that three residents of the Palestinian territory on the coast under fire are taken. They would be an explosive placed at the border between Israel and the Gaza strip. Palestinians demonstrate for months at that barricade.

The conflict between Israel and the militant Palestinians in the Gaza strip in recent days has escalated. Israel fell in the night from Friday to Saturday around eighty targets in the Gaza strip, after militants dozens of missiles were fired at targets in Israel. That shelling followed the death of four Palestinians during riots at the border.

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