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North Korea should be 2018 on several occasions to ICO rip-off involved

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According to the report of the research team “Insikt Group” of the technology, the company “Recorded Future”, should be involved in the leadership of North Korea to at least two of the fraudulent Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). Are meant the two Altcoin-Token “Interstellar” and “Marine Chain”.

The report of the “Insikt Group” was held on Thursday, the 25. October, published. The researchers examined a variety of records, all of the possible activities of the Elite of North Korea to prove. According to the US-American company, one must abandon the idea that it should lack in Pyongyang to modern technology. The equipment of the fraud Involved, and their approach was in line with the other modern Cyber-forces comparable. In the present cases, the perpetrators tried primary to need the social networks of China, to achieve their own purposes.

ICO rip-off: Frequent Rebranding as a protection from detection?

The so-called “Interstellar Coin” has been discovered by researchers for the first time in June 2018. The authorities have renamed in the following weeks after the issue of your Altcoin Token several times, in order to disguise their approach. The Interstellar Coin was suddenly HOLD, HUZU, or Stellar, which of course led to confusion with the well-known crypto-currency Stellar. The Coins with the various titles have appeared in various Online venues for crypto currencies. They then disappeared a short time later under ominous circumstances.

The “Marine Chain” Coin has been advertised in various Bitcoin-forums. Authorities in the canadian province of Ontario designated the Marine Coin as a fraudulent misrepresentation. Tens of thousands of dollars have been invested in the simulated ICOs. The prospects visited web pages have changed the location of the server within a few months, four times in a row. In addition, a very similar-looking copy of ICO-portal existed under a different name. According to their own statements, there was allegedly planned, “top-of-the technology to wider access and wider participation in the Maritime industry to allow”. Anyone who has invested in this business idea, saw his money again.

North Korea: the circle of Stakeholders is very small

According to the report of the “Recorded Future” is the circle of people is very small, in North Korea access to the Internet. Already the first reports from April 2017, have shown that only a few dozen families from the North Korean leadership are online. Without the Knowledge and consent of the Supreme government of Pyongyang is no involvement of the ICO had been consequently rip-off possible, the researchers concluded.

However, as our report on the Lazarus Group, there is only one thing that safety is in the field of IT: namely, nothing. In theory, the means are available, to leave his digital bread crumbs where they are later found to be. Because a web server that pretends to stand in North Korea, do not need to do that. Like I said: False Flag Operations (false flag operations) are in the Cyber-war on the agenda. And the raging 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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