No tricks, all treats: SIX brings five days of the best Halloween movies

495d33ef4bae2f6fe89fdbbe80fcf3ef - No tricks, all treats: SIX brings five days of the best Halloween movies

Shiver and shake, because SIX is in the autumn, completely in the sign of Halloween. The lovers get five days, but less than ten hair-raising horror films for me). Every day there are two films on the program.

They include three tv premieres to shudder: The Gallows (30/10), Annabelle (31/10) and The Apparition (1/11). Also the Halloween classics are missing are not on the list.

In The Gallows degenerates a toneelopvoering in a school in the Us town of Beatrice in a tragedy, when the protagonist Charlie on the stage comes to life. To Charlie, to commemorate, to decide some of the students thirty years later the piece again. But during the preparations, ask the students quickly notice that they are the past, had to rest. Charlies spirit still wander around in the abandoned theater.

Annabelle is a prequel to The Conjuring from 2013. John and Mia are preparing for the arrival of their first child. When John comes home one day with Annabelle, a beautiful porcelain doll dressed in a wedding gown, Mia’s happiness is not more. But it is set during the night attacked by a satanic cult, that a curse uttered on the pop. It doesn’t take long for Annabelle, the young family in brutal way begins to appear.

In The Apparition have Kelly and I Am newly moved into a house, where apparently a spirit hops around. The lurid appearance creates joy in the residents of the convulsions on the body to hunt. The young couple is in despair and looking for help to Patrick, an expert in the field of supernatural phenomena. He discovered that the dark force is the result of a failed experiment, which Ben was involved.

The full program:

Monday, 29 October

• 20.35: Final Destination

• 22.20: Friday The 13th

Tuesday 30 October:

•20.35: tv-premiere of The Gallows

•22.05: Halloween II

Wednesday 31 October:

•20.35: tv-premiere of Annabelle

•22.20: Halloween III: Season of the Witch

Thursday 1 november:

•20.35: tv-premiere of The Apparition

•22.00: Hallowoon IV: The Return of Michael Myers

Friday 2 november:

•20.35: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters

•22.10: Halloween V: The Revenge of Michael Myers

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