New streaming service offers horror and thrillers

663c2f965ae2c966692c6ddcb8a5166a - New streaming service offers horror and thrillers

Founder, Jan Doense, or ’Mr Horror’

The service features a catalogue of hundreds of terrifying movies that for the most part, not on other digital platforms. Among the wide range where the service starts, are dark classics as I Am Not A Serial Killer, Southbound, The Hallow, Let the Right One In, and What The Waters Left Behind. Each month, the offering will be further expanded, thus in Peace. There will also be a lot of attention for short films.

In addition, it must Fear Unlimited is a meeting place for genreliefhebbers and filmmakers from the Netherlands and Belgium. “Although the horror genre is currently in the cinemas an unprecedented flowering is going through, is the offer on Video on Demand in the Netherlands and Belgium are still very limited,” says Peace. Lovers of the genre can for 8 euros per month, a subscription to Fear Unlimited. “With Fear Unlimited, we want the fans to offer a place where not only a wide range of horror films to see, but also the gems that after shrinking the dvd and Blu-raymarkt between ship and shore have fallen in the right place.”

Jan Doense is a filmmaker and organizer of film events. He stood on the cradle of the Imagine Film Festival, the fanzine Shocking News and The Night of bad Taste. Today he is the organizer of the film festival Art and the Halloween Horror Show last week, respectively, their third and ninth editions experienced.

In peace, the project has been developed in collaboration with the Just Media Group, Source 1 Media and Première TV Distribution. In addition, in collaboration with various external partners, including the fanzine Shocking News.

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