New season About to eat is coming

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We have tomorrow with z’n all vegan life? What can we do about the giant mountain of food that we globally waste? Why do we eat more avocados than kale? We still need to count calories? And what’s really in a frikandel?

These and other questions are addressed in the third season of food. Kobe Ilsen and Danira Boukhriss bite themselves in remarkable and surprising voedingsverhalen. New this season is that Kobe and Danira each episode around a particular theme to work: veganism, food waste, calories, the Belgian fries… They invite a range of fascinating speakers and specialists in order to go deeper into the stories. And they do so on a new location: Takes in Antwerp.

Dreams about éclairs
And there is more. Each week, Kobe and Danira also in step with a well-known Flemish person with a recognizable or just very special eetverhaal. They discover, for example, that a cyclo cross rider Mathieu van der Poel a matchday, or even shut it down in the fryer, that actress Nora Gharib the day, preferably start with a hamburger, that singer Christoff dreams about éclairs and Jacques Vermeire never eat fruit.

Voedingsmythes and the way of our food
In each episode, they keep also a myth about the power supply to the light. Who late-night eats, faster thick. Of spinach to become strong. And mold on food, you just cut away. Are the myths or is there still truth in it? Professor Tara Grauwet of the KU Leuven explains how it works.

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