Merkel will not seek reelection as party leader

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The German chancellor Angela Merkel will be at the end of this year not to seek reelection as chairman of the CDU. She has just announced at a meeting of the christian democratic party, say sources on multiple news programs.

The decision of Merkel following the new elections. that her party last weekend suffered in the state of Hesse. The CDU remains the largest party, but loses 11 percentage points in comparison with 2013.

Two weeks ago, zusterpartij CSU also been an electoral blow to incorporate in the state elections of Bavaria. There, lost to the CSU there are the absolute majority, and the worst election result since 1950.

Angela Merkel (64) leads the CDU since 2000. Since november 2005 she is chancellor of Germany. She has previously always said that both the presidency and the function of chancellor by the same person can be worn. According to observers, will the upcoming departure of Merkel as party chairman within her party, so also the fight do erupt to her as chancellor.

The German news agency DPA says in a tweet, however, that Merkel still chancellor wishes to continue. In march she began her fourth four-year term of office. 55 percent of the Germans believe, however, that Angela Merkel is not the full ride, will sit out.

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