Merkel stops by the CDU

d24a24f607c36d899d87f3ab95922ffe - Merkel stops by the CDU

BERLIN – German chancellor Angela Merkel stops after eighteen years as president, with her conservative CDU party. This was announced today by German media known. The search for possible successors will begin immediately.

After again a sensitive loss in state elections, yesterday, in Hessen, chose Merkel today for the flight to the front. The most powerful politician in Europe, provides the basis for its power, the presidency of the christian democratic CDU. This is also her position as chancellor of the strongest economic EU-member state strong to crumble.

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Possible successors of Merkel as party chairman, are its secretary-general, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (AKK), minister of Health, Jens Spahn or financial specialist Friedrich Merz. This former CDU chairman of the parliamentary party was by Merkel years ago it disappeared and today announced his candidacy known. Over the next few weeks will be a congress on the new partijchef decide.

Merkel runs [on course] away after partijberaad, today, with a visible sense of melancholy.


Merkel was in 2001, boss of the CDU, after they as East German minister and secretary-general of her famous mentor Helmut Kohl as the longest serving regeringschef fall brought. Then began a long road to the top. In 2005, she became chancellor, and applies to friend and foe as the most influential politician in the world.

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