Merkel: I do, indeed, away from presidency CDU

960a07d2c9870504ef370cfc650114e4 - Merkel: I do, indeed, away from presidency CDU

BERLIN – Chancellor Angela Merkel has now said that she waives her CDU-presidency after the mass stemmenverlies in the elections in the federal state of Hesse on Sunday. They let us know only chancellor to stay until the end of its term. Previously had partijbronnen her plans already intimated.

Merkel said at a press conference after a meeting of the party-leadership, that they belong to the following Bondsdagverkiezing, which is scheduled for 2021, not more as topkandidaat would like to participate. They also said that they are no longer looking for another political office.

Merkel said that after the heavy losses of the Berlin government parties in the state of Hessen on Sunday and in Bavaria on the 14th of October, not just to the order of the day can proceed.

In december at the congress of the CDU in Hamburg the election of the federal directors of the program. Merkel has been since 2000 CDU-leader and, since 2005, chancellor.

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