Max Verstappen wins not loving farmers

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Max Verstappen

On Farmer wants a wife voted Sunday night to 3.2 million people, while 1.4 million to the Formula 1 race looked. That is according to figures from the Foundation for sight examination.

The new Dear diary, that after Farmer wants a wife was broadcast, benefited little from the kijkcijferkanon which it follows. The program, in which adults under the direction of Marc-Marie Huijbregts read from their tienerdagboeken, attracted to 650,000 viewers.

The success of Max and the lovelorn farmers went like last week at the expense of come across the screen test, the quest of RTL to new presentatietalent that Gordon will say goodbye to the transmitter. This week looked 289.000 people to the show, last week there were 235.000. Gordon get after sixteen years of RTL on to Talpa.

Come across the screen test is good, just like last week, outside the kijkcijfertop 25. Which is supplied by the Farmer wants a wife, followed by Studio Sport Eredivisie (2.5 million viewers) and the NOS Journaal 20: 00 hours (2.3 million viewers).

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