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Max Verstappen during the GP of Mexico was elected ‘Driver of The Day’

0713dee4296ac01c056d00005416e4e9 - Max Verstappen during the GP of Mexico was elected 'Driver of The Day'

On Saturday had Max Verstappen visibly disappointed to settle for a second place on the grid but during the race was a touch, he was, moreover, by the fans voted the ‘Driver of The Day’.

Max verstappen won the race to the first turn, and the young Dutchman was in the lead of the race and then no more. He was on his way to a solid victory. Just like last year, Verstappen GP of Mexico on its name, what so much meant as its fifth victory and his twentieth stage in the F1.

Also the F1 fans knew this performance to appreciate, and they elected him ‘Driver of The Day’. It is the fifth time that Verstappen this year is elected “driver of the day.” Also in Austria, Singapore, Russia and the USA fell him this honour.

Summary of winners ‘Driver of The Day award:
GP of Australia: Fernando Alonso
GP of Bahrain: Pierre Gasly
GP of China: Daniel Ricciardo
GP of Azerbaijan: Charles Leclerc
GP of Spain: Lewis Hamilton
GP of Monaco: Daniel Ricciardo
GP of Canada: Sebastian Vettel
GP of France: Sebastian Vettel
GP of Austria: Max Verstappen
GP of Great Britain: Lewis Hamilton
GP of Germany: Lewis Hamilton
GP of Hungary: Daniel Ricciardo
GP of Belgium: Sebastian Vettel
GP of Italy: Kimi were times
GP of Singapore: Max Verstappen
GP of Russia: Max Verstappen
GP of Japan: Daniel Ricciardo
GP of the United States: Max Verstappen
GP of Mexico: Max Verstappen

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