Matthew McConaughey surprised aid workers

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Matthew McConaughey

Together with the whiskeylabel Wild Turkey visited Matthew firemen, policemen and first aid-employees, to thank them for the work they have done during Hurricane Harvey.

Matthew, himself born and raised in Texas, reed during the day along various hospitals, police stations and fire stations to the people there and to thank them for their commitment and selflessness to give them a gift to offer. “For me this is very important to do. The past year alone, we have had to deal with hurricanes in Puerto Rico and the southern states, and wildfires in California. The number of courageous women and men to the front was to help is huge.”

The actor was during his verrassingsbezoekjes among others, accompanied by the mayor of Houston.

Last year, McConaughey, a similar action, but then in Kentucky. There he delivered for Thanksgiving 4500 turkeys to people in Lawrenceburg.

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