’Line through futuristic airport Mexico

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AMSTERDAM – There is a line to go through the futuristic new airport for Mexico City. From a public consultation, organised by the future president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, shows that a majority of the voters of the prestigious project wants to reach.

The contours of the new airport in Mexico City are already visible. But the plug is threatening to leave.

That would be a blow mean for vliegconsumenten that already are plagued by delays on the overcrowded existing airport. It is also a slap in the face of president Enrique Peña Nieto, for whom the airport is the largest infrastructural project that he announced during his term.

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At the new airport, to a futuristic design by the British architect Norman Foster, even though a few years built. Ultimately, it should offer up to 120 million passengers. Dutch experts of ingenieursburo NACO are involved for the construction of the runways on the waterlogged soil.

But supporters of the leftist Lopez Obrador plums the project. AMLO, as the politician is called, will find the cost of thirteen billion euros is much too high for a country with high ’social needs’.

One million

Over one million Mexicans were last weekend their vote. Two-thirds appears at a new airport on the dry Texcoco lake. Critics argue, however, that the referendum is poorly organized and that especially supporters of AMLO’s own party, Morena have voted.

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Lopez Obrador, who as of december 1, president, will be possible in the course of Monday to make known what he does with the consultation. The leftist leader sees as an alternative the existing airport reserve and elsewhere in the city some of the old military runways opkalefateren.

Ondernemerskoepel Coparmex is opposed to the firing of the megaproject. Because there are already five billion euro is put into it. That would be a huge destruction of capital mean. President Gustavo de Hoyos see the decision of AMLO is already decisive for the latter. It will let us see what we per 1 december of him to expect.’

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