Jewish leaders blame Trump responsibility for shooting

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A group of jewish leaders from Pittsburgh has Donald Trump there Sunday in an open letter accused that he was white supremacists, ” courage has to be a catch’. Therefore, he bears part responsibility for the deadly attack on Saturday at the synagogue in Pittsburgh, it sounds.

“The last three years, have your words and your policy, the white nationalist movement courage to do for him. They will continue to grow. Yourself called the murder of evil, but the violence of yesterday is the direct result of your influence”, say the religious leaders in their open letter.

They call Trump on to ” without reservation of the white nationalism to condemn and stop with all the minorities in the visor to take and compromise’. Also ask them ‘to stop migrants and refugees still to blame, and to commit to a democratic policy that the dignity of everyone acknowledge’.

As long as he does not, it is Trump not welcome in the city, it sounds in the letter. The American president announced that he has a visit to Pittsburgh.

In total there were Saturday eleven persons to life, almost all of them aged over 60. The police allowed the perpetrator to pick up and identify. It comes to Robert Bowers (46), who stated that he wanted ‘that all the jews die’.

Muslims get a thousand dollars on

A crowdfundingcampagne of two American moslimgroeperingen the meantime, managed to more than 110,000 dollars to raise funds for the survivors and relatives of the eleven people who were killed in the shooting.

The crowdfundingcampagne is the work of CelebrateMercy and MPower Change, two non-profit organizations of American muslims. “We want the evil to answer with the good, as our faith requires, and in this way a powerful message of compassion to broadcast it,” say the organizations in a press release.

“Through this campaign, we hope to have a message of unity between the jewish and the muslim community. There is no place for this kind of hatred and violence in America, ” say the organizations. “We pray that this feeling of safety and peace back in the community of American jews, who, no doubt, by this event very shocked.”

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