Jeroen Meus responds to bankruptcy

1fe882e7a93865ad00b9ac96b9869da8 - Jeroen Meus responds to bankruptcy

“Everyone may say that I failed my mission. But I’ve tried it.’ So looks Jeroen Meus in The Time back on the Würst-adventure. After days of silence over the bankruptcy of his ‘haute dog’restaurants, he decided to respond:” I don’t want to play hide and seek. That can speculation lead and people find that cowardly. I am not that’. Meus admits that he is a ‘giant’ mistake, ‘and I store there, mea culpa. I have people confidence and a mandate. I have the hands. I was not allowed to do.’ According to Meus, he had all the business decisions were left to a CEO, that two new restaurants opened in Ghent and Antwerp, in addition to the running case in Leuven. The location on the Grote Markt in Antwerp was error, ‘as we had on the Island. My gut instinct said no. But for the first time, I did not. That was my error.”

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