Jeroen don’t want to wait and choose his favorite in Farmer seeks Wife

a082f7916b21d46a2f8ca2ed560db495 - Jeroen don't want to wait and choose his favorite in Farmer seeks Wife

Two women fighting for one man, so it is luckily not to far in Farmer seeks Wife – Around The World, all voltage increases gradually. Over the past week followed, on average, 872.000 viewers the ups and downs of love of the farmers, who are now nearing their final choice to make.

This Monday has Been something special in store for Evelyn and Jolene. He invites them to go horse riding in the mountains. A surprise that especially paardentandarts Jolene in her element. When Evelyn, who have never been on a horse was, is the trip a little less relaxing. She is, however, determined to make the best of themselves to show. After the ride, everyone is enjoying a romantic moment by the water. That is abruptly interrupted by the arrival of An Lemmens. She wants Bjorn to hear with whom he wants to: Evelyn or Jolene?

In Germany, hard fought to the heart of boer Jeroen. A conversation with one of the ladies has him thinking and Jeroen asks Dina Tersago to earlier than to the farm. He realizes suddenly who is for him the true and don’t want to wait to make his choice known.

Manu takes Christine and Hilde on a adventurous date: they race quads and spend the last hours in the beautiful nature of the interior for them to his villa in Cape town to leave. It now becomes clear that the women are of a totally different character. In Australia, Jan will go shopping with Laura and Romina. Jan is a true meat eater and want the ladies sometimes bring about change. While shopping it is clear that the ladies are completely in their sas feel in his presence. “With two ladies shopping is exactly not so simple,” laughs Jan. Jitse can completely Emily. He takes her to the other side of the lake to go camping.

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