Jensen gives EU critic Nigel Farage on stage

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Jensen wants the other sound of Nigel Farage to hear

In JENSEN (without exclamation mark) must be “a different sound” to hear, ” said Robert against BuzzE about his talk show, that from Tuesday evening on a weekly basis again to see it is on RTL 5. “It’s about the topics that play in the world, but that but of one side exposed, or underexposed.”

As an example he mentions the brexit, a big topic in the first episode. “The brexit is one of the most important stories for us in Europe and the Netherlands, it is a landslide.” Robert wants the other side to expose. “It is always said that the English are mad, that is nothing, they go for the known brands. While there is really another story is underway. And these feelings also play in the Netherlands, many people feel totally not comfortable in the EU.”

Nigel Farage

Politician and brexit-advocate Nigel Farage slide Tuesday. “He really has somewhere for fought, his entire life being mocked, but has the impossible been,” says Robert about his first guest. “He is often portrayed as a madman, and a great danger. I want his story heard. For me that is such a different sound that I heard in the show.”

A talk show about politics is JENSEN however, did not. “There is also really is laughing”, promises to be the presenter. “And it remains a personaliltyshow, I will much give my opinion.” The setting is the viewer of yesteryear probably known for. The red bank returns, ” although it is more often a red chair’. In addition to a guest there is a weekly panel discussion. “That’s something everyone can sit in it. Mainly journalists, experts, opinion leaders and there will also be some familiar heads. It must, in any case, people who really have something on the topics, the topicality and daring and want to say.”

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Actually, Robert is completely no sense in a talk show. “I had done so often.” But when he and Jensen chooses for America, and Jensen USA made for RTL 5, it started to itch again. “There was something in me and I find that some stories need to be, simply, not to be told.”

Now the first episode of JENSEN to the door, Robert is ecstatic. “I will be a little secret to tell. I have almost 650 of this kind of talk done and usually I thought of in advance: this is going to be fine? The guest is good enough? Am I good enough? Actually I saw a bit of dread. This time I can’t wait, it really is my passieproject.”

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