Japanese princess gives imperial title for marriage

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The Japanese princess Ayako is a citizen, married and thus she loses her imperial status.

The 28-year-old princess is married to the 32-year-old Kei Moriya, an ordinary citizen who, for the shipping company Nippon Yusen is working. The ceremony took place in the Meji shrine in Tokyo.

‘I have to leave the imperial family today”, said Ayako. “But I keep the emperor and empress support.’

After the princess the huwelijkspapieren has signed, she loses her title of nobility and is Ayako Moriya. They would, of course, the government is 950.000 dollars to get compensation.

Men scarce

Members of the Japanese imperial family are allowed to marry who they want. Emperor royal highness akihito was the first crown prince who is with a citizen married. His wife was empress Michiko. Women in the imperial family must, however, relinquish their imperial status if they are a citizen to get married.

The number of male members of the imperial family strongly decreases. There are currently four royal heirs. There is considered to be the law that the imperial succession arrange, to adjust. But conservatives don’t want women to the throne can ascend.

Emperor royal highness akihito has announced that he is on 30 april 2019 abdication. His son Naruhito will follow him.

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