’Hoddle of intensive care after heart attack’

58c56fc8abc85ce8a6705028f0c7610a - ’Hoddle of intensive care after heart attack’

Glenn Hoddle

That report British media on Monday. The well-known Englishman was Saturday, on his 61st birthday, is unwell when he was in the studios of BT Sport, the channel for which he is as an analyst, works.

After his heart attack, he was rushed to the hospital. Hoddle responded well to the treatment that he underwent and would now out of danger. He is, according to English media wake up and can talk with his family. Hoddle does need rest and will be further dealt with on the ward of a hospital in London.

Hoddle came as a footballer out for, among others, Tottenham Hotspur, Chelsea and AS Monaco. He is one of the best British players regarded of his generation. The former champions came to 53 national football team. From 1996 to 1999, he had the English team as head coach under his wing.

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