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Exchange maple change allegedly by Criminals have been hacked

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Exchange maple change allegedly been hacked

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Matthias Nemack –

Even if it is not affected crypto exchange based in Alberta, Canada just a giant in the industry, so the Hacker message around maple change is exemplary. Because of the alleged attack shows how quickly rumors about fraud.

Platform was taken for the First report from the network

Many customers were not bad, certainly, as you were not able to access late Sunday suddenly on their accounts with the crypto-exchange maple change from Canada, where Bitcoin or other currencies are. The exchange had in the short term, its page offline after an alleged Hack is supposed to have taken place by unknown perpetrators. In a timely manner, the company adopted, at least for the time being also from his appearances in the social media such as Twitter. Parallel to the may temporary Suspend the exchange offer, the company reported also that one could once make no payments to customers being more. Thus, customers can buy, even temporarily, no crypto currencies, or sell.

It is cheating to its customers?

The reports are currently somewhat contradictory. The studies are now required to show first, whether it was a bug in the platform or a targeted attack from the outside. In any case, it was confirmed from the house of maple change after all, and that a different User due to a Bug in the unauthorized funds had been able to retrieve. Refunds to affected customers, it should be done only after the completion of the reconnaissance work, it was prior to the Account cancellation via Twitter. As expected, speculation about a so-called “Exitbetrug” due to an allegedly high level of debt of the company does not have to wait long. Greater media, participate in the speculation and don’t understand why maple change has exposed not only its platform, but also the Social Media work.

Unclear Situation for customers of the canadian crypto exchange

The Bitcoin reserve assets of the exchange in the amount of 913 BTC are gone with the current Statements, according to each case. This corresponds to on the Basis of the current courses for a total volume of about six million USD. So it remains exciting, whether the leaders want to, as in other cases on the market illegally from the affair dragging, or whether the problems were really caused by Criminals.

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