EU countries want to delay gears of clock

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GRAZ – The majority of EU countries, including the Netherlands, want a postponement of the Brussels plan for next year to put an end to the twice-yearly clock transitions. A majority of the member states is also that as many countries as possible the same standard time have to choose if the current regime disappears.

The netherlands still has no official position on the matter.

That turned out to be after the end of a meeting of the EU-transportministers in the Austrian Graz. There used to debate it for the first time, on the proposal of the European Commission at the end of march 2019 for the last time the clock an hour ahead. Each country must determine for itself whether it is the clock then in October or not, one hour back to winter time.

The netherlands still has no official position on the matter. A number of member states that maintaining the current system with a summer and winter an option in the negotiations.

According to EU commissioner Violeta Bulc (transport) is the semi-annual klokverzetten because of the supposed energy savings are not needed. That amounts to not more than 0.2 percent on the annual energy consumption in the EU, ” she said after the consultations. According to Brussels, the majority of EU citizens in favour of the abolition of the half-yearly klokritueel, that the biorhythms in humans and animals would disturb it. Bulc approved in Graz that postponement of the plan may be needed.

There exist, apart from the zomertijdregeling, incidentally, three different time zones in the EU that are geographically determined. For instance, in London an hour earlier than in Amsterdam, and in Athens an hour later. These zones change in principle.

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