Emotional letter Schmeichel moves across England

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Kasper Schmeichel

Schmeichel, that Saturday night eyewitness was at the scene of the accident and after hearing the sirens directly to the stadium uitrende, moving this Monday with an emotional letter on his twitter account, which he is full of praise about Srivaddhanaprabha.


“You took care not only for the club but for the whole community of Leicester,” writes the Deen. “We will get you endless contributions to hospitals and charities in Leicester never forget. I have always admired as a leader, as a father and as a man. You gave everyone hope that the impossible was possible.”

Schmeichel describes the countless beautiful memories that he’s the boss. “You have football changed, when I in 2011 drew told you that you do great things with the club was planning. And that within six years in the Champions League would play. You have the whole club is one big family. I am very grateful that I am to you and your family have allowed to grow. My heart breaks as I think of it, I mean, you never more for the match in the dressing room will see it and have a chat with you about anything and everything. You never have to see you laughing with the guys and your infectious enthusiasm on to anyone with whom you had contact.”


The goalkeeper will find it now with the rest of the club is to make the work of Srivaddhanaprabha to continue. “With the fans and the players, we now have the responsibility to honor. You will never know how much you are for me and my family have served.

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“He was loved by everyone here at Leicester City”, tweeted captain Wes Morgan. “My thoughts are with his family and that of the other victims.” Striker Jamie vardy granted wrote on Twitter looking for the right words to search. “For me you are a legend, a man with a big heart. Thank you for everything.”

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