Elimination summer/winter time, not for next year

0b06fd17f1bd1cb2660ef8230cda724b - Elimination summer/winter time, not for next year

Jean-Claude Juncker had proposed to in 2019 to eliminate the semi-annual uurwijziging. That timing turns out not to be feasible.

After a survey of the summer in the 28 EU member states, the European Commission proposed at the end of August to the alternation of summer and winter for the whole of the EU to abolish. ‘The people want it, we do it’, was the pleasantry of president Jean-Claude Juncker.

The states would each individual be given the freedom to for the summer – or winter time to choose, but would that before the end of april to become law. Countries that eternal winter would choose, would be in October 2019 a final time to the clock object.

But that kite’s not going on. Only Finland and Lithuania to support the slopes of the Commission. The other EU member states, including Belgium, insist on more time. Austria, the temporary president of the EU, proposes to take the time to march 2021. Belgium supports that timing.

“We will have a compromise must be found, because most member states have reservations about the change to the system in 2019”, said the Austrian minister Norbert Hofer, the meeting chaired.

No patchwork of time zones

It turns out technically more feet in the earth than thought. So, the aviation industry, according to Hofer know is that 18 months are needed to make a seamless transition to prepare. Denmark is first a national consultation on the issue.

Luxembourg is worried that her various neighbours, a different choice would make, what ‘catastrophic’ for the economy. That concern also lives strong with the Belgian prime minister Charles Michel and the Flemish minister-president Geert Bourgeois. Also Hofer stressed that ” we are a patchwork of different time zones in the EU must avoid’.

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