Dina Rodrigues has a record deal in Portugal

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Months they were working on it, but Dina Rodrigues has recently made a record deal in the wait dragged in Portugal. That is, the country of which the in Flanders living singer is from. The negotiations were through Pure Entertainment, her management. In Ment, on Sunday said the singer in Flanders to her whereabouts. Dina is quite nervous because she does not know what its all waiting.
In the coming months, Dina Rodrigues for Portugal to draw the people from the record company to know and understand the entire planning. There is in any case already a large concert is planned in Portugal, somewhere between February and June. The promotion on site is already underway. “Sou Feliz” is the name of her new single and that means “I am happy”. That is completely applicable to Dina Rodrigues.

(Nico Vanaken)

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