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Dick in the business – So much Blockchain developers earn

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Rich in the crypto area – not only by investing early and wisely. The dividend crypto-Economy has great potential to earn a Golden nose. So about Blockchain developers are now among the best-paid programmers, even the profession itself is growing tremendously.

“To the moon” with this battle cry fueled crypto-investors in the last years of her hopes, in the face of rising crypto-courses strong win. The weaker market currently, mainly due to low volatility, however, currently there is no large profit margins. So it was the least of votes, the do not want to invest in individual Coins, but in the Ecosystem. This way the investors have, among other things, in the Form of an investment in Blockchain-Start-ups.

However, not only for investors in the crypto-Economy is a good business. The money is in the Blockchain-the area in circulation, transpires also to those that provide for the maintenance of the system: programmers. This is clear from the Figures that the US-American news portal CNBC now published in a report. The news Agency highlights the salaries of Blockchain developers in the industry.

Blockchain developer a leader among the programmers

Said salaries can be quite impressive. So salary of a Blockchain-engineer moves the average year in the corridor between $ 150,000 and $ 175,000. This Blockchain developers are clearly above the average salary for programmers in the USA, which is about 135,000 US dollars. The data from CNBC draws from the statistics, companies Hired, a service provider for the technology industry.

The only programmer of artificial intelligence, can move with the Blockchain developers at eye level. The high salaries for engineers from both divisions a finger to show that in the United States is becoming more and more the technologies of the future. In the course of the last year have increased five-fold the demand for Blockchain developers just. In addition to new Tech Start-ups to large technology companies like Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft are increasingly in Blockchain research and development.

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