Demi Moore: ’I felt I was never good enough’

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Demi Moore

Moore was honored with the prize by the Peggy Albrecht Friendly House, which helps women in them can work on their recovery on the road to a life without alcohol or drugs.

Moore said struggled with themselves in the beginning of her career. “I was self-destructive and in spite of the success that I had with my work, I felt that I was never good enough. I came to a point where it no longer could. When fingering the two people who I barely knew, and offered me the opportunity to work on myself. Actually, it was more of an ultimatum: now or never.”

The actress is still thankful for this opportunity. “I could see the course of my life change, before I destroy everything. They saw apparently more in me than I myself saw. Without them I would not be here standing,” said Demi, who not went on what the problems exactly were.

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