Deaths due to severe weather events in Italy

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ROME – The weather that Italy gets underway, Monday, five people killed. That happened in different places in the country. South of Rome, two young people, because a tree on their car fell. Same thing happened to someone in the nearby Terracina and a walker in Naples. A woman got fatally injured by flying debris.

The streets in the Italian Terracina in ruins by the storm.

In the Italian capital, schools closed, as well as in dozens of municipalities in the north. The storm and torrential rains turned re-and of the great damage.

High water

Venice was 75 percent flooded. The hard wind pushed the waves of the lagoon in which the water level in the city increased to 1,56 meters above sea level. That was in ten years happened, and the expectation is that the it is even worse. The San Marco square, which is usually the first onderloopt, is temporarily closed to the public. The police brought the last of the tourists in safety.

On the Ligurian coast, where, warning of tidal waves of 8 meters, and in South Tyrol is code red issued. On the highway after the Brenner pass, were Sunday several cars surprised by a mudslide. None of the occupants was severely injured. The situation on the main route is Monday continued to deteriorate.

In the night from Saturday to Sunday came in the vicinity of Crotone in Southern Italy four workers killed when they are in the repair of an entrance to a sewer pipe were raided by a landslide.

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