Brazilians go for Messiah

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The largest country of Latin America choose after years of economic problems and severe corruption for the turning to the right. Some Brazilians voted with pulled nose for a change. Jair Messias Bolsonaro promises things to put. What can the world expect from him?

1. How dangerous is Bolsonaro?

Jair Bolsonaro is often compared to Trump. The Brazilian is certainly equally vuilgebekt as their American counterparts, but in many respects a lot more extreme. If the …

1. How dangerous is Bolsonaro?

Jair Bolsonaro is often compared to Trump. The Brazilian is certainly equally vuilgebekt as their American counterparts, but in many respects a lot more extreme. If the American political system, with its long tradition of checks and balances, a figure as Trump can handle it, then the question is whether the Brazilian institutions match up against Bolsonaro?

Latin America has in the past, a lot of ‘caudillos’ worn. Brazil is a young democracy. From 1964 to 1985, there was still a military regime in power. We still believe political scientists that institutions are strong enough. The Brazilian Congress is more than ever a patchwork quilt. Never were there more parties in the Room (30) and the Senate (21). More than half of the members of the parliament on 7 October sent home. In the Room grew the party of Bolsonaro from 1 to 52 seats. The labour Party remains the largest with 56 seats. But on a total of 513 seats is that a hull. A lot of smaller right-wing and extreme right-wing parties did well during the elections. It is wait and see with whom Bolsonaro all in the sea. Anyway, he will constantly have to find majorities, making him weakened.

‘His entourage and family have perhaps authoritarian dreams, but so easy and he will not be able to push through, ” says an analyst. ‘Then makes his lack of experience more.” Bolsonaro was destroying nine parties, not that it is unusual in Brazil to party to change, but in the almost thirty years that he was in the parliament was sitting, he was mainly concerned with survival. “He has no experience with leadership.’ That is not to say that he, even though he was not immediately to the settings, the Brazilian democracy, with its poisonous rhetoric has no chance to harm you.

2. What president is Bolsonaro?

While the Brazilians have the votes, asked the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo in an editorial comment off discussed Bolsonaro in January president will be. After the first round, he seemed very are even show to mitigate. “I am a servant of the constitution’, said the ex-soldier. With that he went against his candidate-the vice president, who previously argued for the constitution ‘and petit committee’ under the hands. Bolsonaro wanted to say that the country reconcile.

It wasn’t long before he was in his incendiary rhetoric fell. I’m going to the ‘marginais vermelhos’, freely translated: the left-wing rabble, chase, and chase, he said a week ago. Folha, one of the main quality newspapers of the country, he did because too critical as ‘fake news’. “You must not think that the new government still ads will pay in your newspaper’. Changes Bolsonaro will show if he is in power? Trump proved already that this is a false hope.

3. What plans has Bolsonaro with his country?

The exact plans of Bolsonaro are very unclear. In the run-up to the second round, he refused to take part in the debates. He gave only interviews to the media that him favorable.

The country faces huge challenges. The last few years, lost millions of Brazilians of their job. When Bolsonaro is still in the parliament was sitting, he pleaded for a staatsgeleide economy, but recently he converted to neo-liberalism. He gives himself admitted that he of economy not a lot of cheese, but is advised by Paulo Guedes, that may also minister of Economy. Guedes got to the University of Chicago school of Milton Friedman.

Another theme that his presidency probably will determine, is safety. He wants the wapenwetten simplify and violence (the last time increases again) fight with violence. Agents must be legally protected in order to be allowed to shoot. On that level, he’ll probably find support in a lot of smaller right-wing parties in the Congress. A lot of political novieten worked there until recently when the police.

Environmentalists fear that the Amazon rainforest, the great victim of Bolsonaro’s presidency. He is planning to mining companies and the large industry there free game. Previously threatened Bolsonaro agree to the climate deal Paris, but he joined her recently back. Or he verzoener may be that Brazil, more polarized than ever, need? He may be happy and eagerly and with success discord sown to political tactics to change.

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