Bouterse is the last word in process

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SURINAME Desi Bouterse is also on the last hearing will be of the business process surrounding the December murders not appeared and saw this right on the last word. His lawyer, Irvin Kanhai wanted Monday, on behalf of prime suspect Bouterse has the last word, but the president of the court martial was not.

Bouterse on archive photo.

Bouterse and 24 other people suspected of involvement in the killing of fifteen prominent intellectual Surinamese in december 1982.

Kanhai, who had previously argued that his client should be acquitted, got Monday have the opportunity once again to his vision on the case against Bouterse to explain. This is the treatment of the case of Bouterse at the hearing is completed. The research began in 2000, and at the end of 2007 was the first session. The Surinamese president appeared on not a single seat.

The court martial is now back on to give a ruling. When this happens, it is not yet known. Against Bouterse and other suspects, is rather by the Public Prosecutor 20 years in prison demanded.

Lawyer Hugo Essed that the relatives of the fifteen victims represents, said Monday after the hearing a “historic” day. According to him, many people in and outside of Suriname, there never counted on that the process to this point would come. After all, there is the necessary opposition of the side of Bouterse, he said. Essed is optimistic that the court martial also, the next step will be to convert, with the rendering of a verdict.

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