Bon Jovi wipes the floor with the Kardashians

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Jon Bon Jovi

“I find it terrible that we are now in such a world, and you can honestly say that I have not a minute of my life have been looking at the Kardashians or those so called Housewives or Blablabla.”

“I know their names are not and can not bring to such shows to watch. What you put later in your autobiography? That you are a pornovideo created so you became famous? Phew…well, I save ’m about to hear,” said the rocker against presenter Lisa Wilkinson. “Write a book, make a painting, go acting, singing or studying, but do something that matters.

Jon runs itself for more than 30 years in the entertainment industry and knows the blows of the whip by now. Yet he remains modest under. “It makes you humble if there is a stadium full of people to come watch and listen.” His wife, Dorothea Hurley, with whom Jon for many years, is his secret weapon. “I was lucky that I immediately for the right woman in the face. We are not only partners, but also friends who have a deep admiration for each other. And my most important job in our marriage is a cup for her.”

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