Balthazar with new music to Amsterdam

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Fever is the long awaited successor of Thin Walls, that in 2015 appeared. After the success of the album decided frontmannen Maarten Devoldere and Jinte Deprez a break and focus on solo projects. Maarten brought a melancholy art-jazz with Warhaus, while Jinte understand old-school r&b vibes came home with J. Bernart.

When the two again met, there was only a desire to have Thin Walls to surpass. Maarten and Jinte came a less serious vision match and that resulted in a looser, refreshed sound. “Some of the songs felt as a classic Balthazar-pop songs, the other a little more cheerful, but only when we have Fever, we had the basis for the rest of the album,” says Maarten. The title track Fever is Monday appeared.

The release of the album Fever is accompanied with an extensive European tour. That brings the Belgians not only to Amsterdam but also to London, Barcelona, Milan, Paris and, of course, Antwerp. Tickets for the Dutch concert from Friday morning to obtain.

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