Andrew Lincoln wishes to thank its fans with a farewell letter

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The British actor played for the first time in The Walking Dead in 2010

Andrew Lincoln has said goodbye to the star of the cult-zombieserie, The Walking Dead, by online a heartfelt farewell letter to his fans to write. The Brit is the beginning of next month, for the last time to see if killer Rick Grimes.

“Thank you for travelling with us on this journey,” he writes. “For the nine years of fear, heartache, anger, and, let’s be honest, the guts that you have by this 115 episodes to go through. “It’s actually an ongoing story about what it is to live. A story of hope, family and friendship. People who have nothing in common, discover that they all have in common. United in their quest for humanity and a place to call home. A story that is now perhaps even more relevant than when we started.”

Lincoln mentions the role of Grimes “the most exciting, challenging and satisfying” of his career, when he is the writers complimented that of his last season as a special season: “This season feels like the show where I fell in love with all those years ago, and the world where we always went when we got the pilot made,” he adds.

“So thank you. For everything. For the good, the bad….. and, of course, we would have no free press…. without the ugly. Until our paths again cross.” Rick Grimes’ latest episode of The Walking Dead will be on november 4 in America to be broadcast.

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