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Altcoin-market analysis KW44 – Sideways goes the journey

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The total market capitalisation has remained constant at 209 billion US dollars. Accordingly, prices of the crypto have changed currencies. In addition, Tether was able to rise again to a US Dollar.

Name Rates in US dollars Market capitalization in billion U.S. dollars Change of course within the week, in percent Course evaluation Support in US dollars Resistance in US dollars
Bitcoin 6.472,02 112,27 0 more bullish 6.062,11 6.663,28
Ethereum 204,67 21,05 0 more bullish 183,02 211,85
XRP 0,46 18,48 1 neutral 0,42 0,52
Bitcoin Cash 439,15 7,65 -2 rather bearish 407,85 476,52
EOS 5,4 4,89 0 neutral 5,09 5,59
Stellar 0,23 4,37 -4 rather bearish 0,23 0,25
Litecoin Worth 51,95 3,06 -1 rather bearish 49,90 Including 56.01
Tether 1,00 1,92 1
Cardano 0,07 1,88 -4 rather bearish 0,06 0,08
Monero 103,75 1,71 -1 more bullish 100,00 109,96

Shows the price development of ten crypto-currencies with highest market capitalization, which is given in billions of US dollars.

And it continues in a sideways trend! The market capitalization remained in this week more or less constant and fluctuated only to the 209 billion US dollars. The variations amounted to only just under two billion dollars. This is reflected in the prices: Within the Top 10, there were no dramatic upward movements of the incredible downward movements. Strictly speaking, the Tether of the course is the winner of the week and was able to align with an incredible 1.3 percent rate of profit will have its course again to the US Dollar.

Apart from Stellar, and Cardano, both of which have lost about four percent, prices of other crypto currencies is hardly improved. Between Stellar and Cardano, the difference in rate of development is in the per Mille range, even if Stellar had to cope with a slightly larger rate loss. Accordingly, the course evaluation is mostly neutral. The market is in an Eight-position and is waiting for larger price movements. Accordingly, you should take currently there is no Long or Short Position, but wait and see whether a price will rise above the given Resistance or below the Support.

Best price development: XRP

Strictly Tether during the re-conquest of the pairing with the US Dollar has a performance better than the XRP exchange rate has taken, but even here it was only 0.1 per cent more. As you can see from the Chart, the crypto-currency Ripple for nearly two weeks sideways, and could only rise by approximately one percent. The volume of trade has reached the Minima of September. If we want to say Positive, then it is that the XRP-rate can keep up with a short interruption about the MA140, the moving average of the last twenty weeks. As described elsewhere, can be taken as a sign for a long-term positive price development of the interpretation.

Together with a constant zero MACD and a RSI at 49, is the only conclusion that you can pull out a neutral evaluation. As already said above to wait is before opening a Position. In the case of a rise in the price over the MA200 described Resistance at $ 0.52, it offers a short Long Position in the first Target at 0.58 US Dollar and the Stop Loss at $ 0.49. The course is under the Support at $ 0.42, a Short Position is open, the Stop Loss of the MA50, currently at $ 0.45, and the Target, the Plateau of 0.34 US Dollar can be used.

Worst course development: Stellar (XLM)

As in the case of the XRP course, you can’t speak to the Stellar course of a dramatic price fall. The four per cent, which has lost the course in the course of this week, are more likely to be fluctuations because any Signal. The volume is the same as in the case of other currencies in the Top10. As in the case of XRP is something positive, that the price could rise above the MA140, the moving average of the last 20 weeks.

Of the indicators, the situation is worse than in the case of XRP: the MACD is falling and will soon dive into the negative range. Also the RSI has now fallen below 50. As a whole, therefore, a bearisher impression. Should the price is below the moving averages MA140 and MA50-described Support at a 0.23 U.S. dollars, can we have this as the entry point for a Short Position, and as a Target of 0.21 US-Dollar target. As a Stop-Loss of Support in the case of a 0.23 U.S. dollars. A Bounce off the said Support should not lead quickly to a Long Position. As the entry point provides for this purpose the Resistance at $ 0.25. As a Target you can use the sliding MA200 average, currently at $ 0.26 target and Stop the Resistance Loss again at 0.25 US dollars.

Stability of the Top 10

It is interesting to note that the distance between XRP and Ethereum is further shrunk to 14 percent. The distance of the Market capitalisation of Stellar and EOS has risen to nearly 12 percent. The head-to-head race between Cardano and the Tether is coming to a head. Only two percent would have to increase the market capitalization of Cardano, to overtake Tether. Generally speaking, the most violent battle is raging on the rear seats of the Top 10: Monero is only ten percent behind Cardano, and even TRON would have to win only eleven percent of market capitalization in order to regain a place in the Top 10.

Winners and losers in the course of fall

On average, all Crypto are jumped by nearly four percent. Thus, currencies in a cut of all the Crypto better than Bitcoin performs. For the Top 100, the result is somewhat scarce: Here the prices increased by an average of two percent. With MobileGo, Revain, and Polymath there are three crypto-currencies, the exchange rate can have profits of over forty percent. In the case of MobileGo, the Endorsement may be increase of of the game platform Xsolla reason for the course. Similar to the Launch of Revain for the same Token. Loser of the week cyber miles, which had to cope with 15 percent losses. Basic Attention Token could not build on the price gain last week and lost another twelve percent. 43 percent of the Top 100 crypto-currencies have worse performing than Bitcoin. The market share of Bitcoin remained in the sideways trend, according to constant and currently stands at 54 percent.

Disclaimer: The presented on this page, rate estimates do not constitute buy or sell recommendations. They are merely an assessment of the analysts.

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