’Ajax is of course a wonderful talk’ a ‘ team

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Arbiter Björn Kuipers

“At 1-0 there is some discussion about the contact between Kasper Dolberg and Justin Bijlow, but it is such a light schamp that I did not expect the keeper to lose control. He slips already with his full weight in the direction of the goal line, he slips on a walk and my assistant will see that. We give a goal and that is checked by the VAR. That’s also a valid hit.”

And then there was the red card of Jerry St. Juste. “There was no doubt about that. For me, but also for the assistant who is very close, it was the offence difficult to estimate, because it quickly went up and the contact was difficult to establish. Fortunately, we had the decision about the VAR, who gave him the parachute threw and our corrected. Danny Makkelie shouted in my ear that he is a red card and found that it was good if I would go and have a look. That didn’t last as long. I had at one time enough. Of course I hope that matches with eleven against eleven to finish, but unpopular decisions are part of it.”

Jens Toornstra came after two minutes of good road, took Kuipers after reviewing the images. “I had doubts between yellow and red. He comes with his studs on the calf of Frenkie de Jong. The offense is what is unhappy, but the speed and intensity are missing. It was end to board, but you must as a race kind of feel. There is a lot of pressure, so you need something to be more careful. Also this violation is by the VAR examined, and yellow was enough.”

Referee Björn Kuipers (not visible) is the contact between Kasper Dolberg and Justin Bijlow too light to blow the whistle and is supported by the VAR.

At a given moment seemed Kuipers milder to be, because otherwise, with cards should continue to be strewn. “That was wedstrijdmanagement. Then talk to your players that they should be careful not with eleven against nine, or even eight to finish.”

The tukker was not surprised that the Team with the knife between the teeth and played. “I was expecting all that bright would be played. Ajax is of course a beautiful talk team in this way can be stopped. But this was the other side of the coin.”

The question of whether gems as Frenkie de Jong additional need to be protected, he answered in the negative. “Not only The Young, a fantastic footballer. We are there to have all 22 players on the field to protect.”

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