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After the “Bug”: Canadian Bitcoin exchange loses all the BTC

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Bad news for Bitcoin Hodler at maple change: The small canadian crypto exchange has lost according to their own information all of the deposits of their customers. Due to “Bugs”, it should be Unknown, we have managed to facilitate maple change to Funds in the value of the equivalent of six million US dollars. 913 BTC are considered to be irretrievably lost.

And a crypto-stock exchange fell to a Hacker attack to the victim. With the canadian Bitcoin exchange maple change it has made in the process, one of the smaller representatives of the centralized Bitcoin trading sites. The supposed Hack occurred on the 28. October, a day after maple change maintenance on your Server. The stock exchange, tweeted on the 27. October:

“Our maintenance work is officially completed and we have completed the Upgrade of our server! The Version 2.0.0 is now online and available for everyone. Enjoy our new, elegant Look that remains on for future Updates, be prepared, because we are not done yet! Discord/Telegram is checked to get a detailed list of Updates.“

The exchange, in fact, “was not finished” with its Updates, has led to the Hodlern already on the following day painful.

“Due to a bug have managed some people, all of the funds of our exchange to withdraw. We are going to conduct a thorough investigation. We are very sorry that it had to end this way. Until the investigation is completed, we cannot offer any refund.“

In other words:

Head-Free Crisis Management

Or don’t you? The crisis management of the Bitcoin exchange was, so far at least as inconsistent. So maple change not only the exchange operation, but in the meantime, all of the Social Media channels.

“Because we will not refund the funds for a Return, we need to close the stock exchange, unfortunately. This includes all Social Media channels.“

Exit-Scam in progress?

Hardly surprising, however, talk of an Exit Scam, the stock exchange operator made the rounds – although maple change meanwhile back has reported. Now, the talk of a partial refund for certain Funds:

“We are not gone, folks, but have just deactivated our Accounts temporarily, until we have a thought-out solution. We can not reimburse any return all deposits, but we will be open the rest of our Wallets, so that people can (hopefully) withdraw their Funds.“

No Chance of refund of Bitcoin and Litecoin

Maple change has created a Discord-channel, in the Affected the stock market information about the amount of their losses. Or could, because the invitation of the stock exchange is still not even ten hours old and already expired.

Hodler of Bitcoin and Litecoin look in the tube for these two crypto-currencies maple change excludes any refund:

“We can, unfortunately, no BTC or LTC deposits to pay back. We give our Best to all other to refund.“

Now only Hodler, the marginal crypto-currencies, CCX, and LMO were compensated – the Bulk of the remaining Funds is apparently lost. Even if the suspicion of an Exit Scams of maple change is obvious – the loss of the Funds could also go to sheer incompetence of the stock exchange operator. Of course, a poor consolation for the Affected Bitcoin and Litecoin Hodler – and a strong Argument for decentralized crypto-exchanges.

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