Who is the new sidekick of Wim Helsen in winter time?

856a511262717ce8a93a2b2706bee46e - Who is the new sidekick of Wim Helsen in winter time?

Still a certainty: after the summer follows the winter time. And so returns from Monday 29 October, also the eponymous mini-back, with the same Wim Helsen, same decor and the same office, but also with brand new guests, surprising lyrics, and – last but not least – a new house-animal, as the successor of the lamented Boris.

In may of this year, had Wim Helsen, and the many fans of Boris, indeed, say goodbye to the most well-read golden retriever of the low countries. The last few weeks the tested Wim various partners (see attached films). One of them is his new flat mate, or he chooses yet another literary friend? That makes william himself known in a Facebook Live, on Monday 29 October at 12.00 pm.

The same night the new season of winter time of start, with guest Alex Callier of Hooverphonic. On Tuesday 30 October will receive Wim journalist Fatma Taspinar, on Wednesday, October 31, writer Marnix Peeters and on Thursday, november 1, Radio 2-the Madam and LangZullenWeLezen ambassador Cathérine Vandoorne.

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