Vitesse back in the end after victory at Fortuna

57b9c5a96aa24945cd2d7b57754f5977 - Vitesse back in the end after victory at Fortuna

Maikel van der Werff has the 1-0 made

The victory has Vitesse firmly in the subtop nestled. The Arnhem club is now fifth.

Maikel van der Werff put Vitesse, with his first eredivisiegoal ever for the people from arnhem, in the 12th minute lead with a clever header. Vitesse controlled the match, was little, but just before half-time made André Vidigal after hesitating action of Max Clark’s equal.

After peace was the pace low. Halfway through the second half gave Matus Bero Vitesse with a bicycle kick three points. The Slovak stood with his back to the goal when he hit the ball over the heads of the two Fortuna players for his feet. It was the third goal of Bero of the season and only the long term injured Tim Matavz (five times) scored more often for Vitesse.

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