Victoria Koblenko out to bemoeial

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Victoria Koblenko

Koblenko would be a direct message to have gotten where she is asked whether they have enough time with her son and spends. “We looked at each other, trying to recall when our last romantic weekend together was and came after long time of thinking to the conclusion that ‘t december 2016 was’, wrote the actress on Instagram.

“Almost 2(!) years back. We have plenty of time for our child?! I thought that only people who have their children on their social media posts unsolicited lesson in parenting received. We’ll post aware hardly anything of our son, but even without children in the picture can’t some of the people around you a sense of guilt to talk”

She asks her followers also sarcastically what they find: “Just a poll, under my own test panel. How often should mom and dad a year romantic getaway before the child is allowed to call?”

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