Two brothers and a married couple with eleven victims in Pittsburgh

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The identity of the eleven victims that rose died in a shooting in Pittsburgh, is known. It comes to eight men and three women, among whom two brothers.

A gunman, identified as Robert Gregory Bowers, insisted yesterday a synagogue in Pittsburgh. The man opened fire. Eleven people took the lives of six churchgoers were injured. When Bowers fell to the police, he exclaimed that he “all the jews dead,’ and ‘that the jews had a genocide committing against his people”.

Bowers, that morning before the court appears, risking the death penalty. He is charged with 29 criminal offences. This includes the use of a firearm to kill and the obstruction to the confession of faith. Four charges related to the wounding of police officers.

The oldest victim, Rose Mallinger from Pittsburg, was 97 years old. The two killed brothers, David and Cecil Rosenthal, were, respectively, 54 and 59. The deceased was also a married couple, 84 and 86.

“Hatred will not win’

In the U.S., to respond reports on the shooting. Bill Peduto, burgmeester of Pittsburgh, called the attack ” the darkest day in the history of Pittsburgh. “We know that we as a society are better than this,” he said. “We know that hate will not win.’ Robert Jones, the special agent that the investigation for the FBI leads, called the synagogue of the ‘most horrific crime scene that he had 22 years of service had seen.

President Donald Trump has journalists on Saturday said that the attack could have been avoided if armed guards had been present. Burgmeester Peduto said today that ” to ensure that weapons not in the hands of irrational people, so a better way is to use violence to avoid’.

Vice-president Mike Pence talked about an ‘attack on religious freedom”. “What today in Pittsburgh is done, is not only criminal, it is of the devil,” said Pence in a speech on the television. ‘It was an attack on innocent Americans and our religious freedom.’

The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that he is affected by the shooting and that the attack was a ” terrible anti-semitic brutality’ testifies. Pope Francis has Sunday after the Angelus in St. peter’s square, the attack condemned as ‘an inhuman act of violence’.

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