Tv looking the Netherlands is not impressed by Jan Kriekels

d389f7f221ab4a39b0643deb0d8471ec - Tv looking the Netherlands is not impressed by Jan Kriekels

Tuesday night was entrepreneur Jan Kriekels to see in the program “even extremely rich, so Poor” on the Dutch SBS6. Flanders was already acquainted with him and his now ex-partner Kirsten Janssens in “The Sky Is The Limit”.
The concept of the Dutch program consists of two families for a week, change of life, home, and income. In the episode of Tuesday were Jan Kriekels and his 18-year-old son Calvin, their appearance. They exchanged for a week with a penniless family from Breda. Jan Kriekels stuck in the transmission is not under the chairs or benches that he took his sheep for a long time dry. He lives in Diepenbeek and owns a villa which stands on an area of 700 square meters. His wealth, his art collection, and even his infamous vaginazwembad were extensively brought to the screen. Did all this tv watching the Netherlands quite a shudder.
The reactions on social media were not in order. On Twitter we read comments like “That Belgian had a decent make-over. He looked like he never showered, never his hair combed and clothes of the 60’s wore”. and “I thought it was weird, plan to bring children to a house of such a nasty man”.

The Jan Kriekels also in the love for the wind, because at the end of the summer holidays it became known that he was the love felt with a 36-year-old lady, who last year’s Miss Top of the World.

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