Too many children dead by ebola

ab4021908e69828c0e82137a84c38582 - Too many children dead by ebola

GOMA – The Congolese authorities store alarm about the exceptionally large number of children that died of ebola. That would be mostly to do with unhygienic practices of traditional doctors.

“The number of children in Beni has died of ebola is abnormally high,” says a spokesperson of the Congolese ministry of public Health from Reuters news agency. “Normally, children are not in such extent affected by an ebola epidemic.”

In the eastern city of Beni, are, according to official figures certainly 27 children under the age of ten years died of the deadly virus. The ministry points an accusing finger at local clinics, where patients are treated who are suffering from, for example, malaria.

“Traditional doctors treat everyone with the same instruments,” says the spokeswoman. “A child who has a clinic of a health effect with malaria, on the day of departure to be infected with ebola and pass a few days later, death.”

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