The last week of Huizenjagers

1033fce2dfe16153e3c938fde9e80d79 - The last week of Huizenjagers

For the last time this season, three brokers a throw back to the title in Huizenjagers. In the autumn, they venture to the Waasland, a region between Ghent and Antwerp. The candidate-buyers know very well what they want and have very specific requirements: from large gardens and houses with high ceilings to rooms for all kinds of hobby stuff, and collections in store …

The first Huizenjager that it dare, Kim. Kim is a trainee-broker at Immosafe in Wichelen and came through her in-laws in the makelaarsleven. She is competitive, because only her children are allowed to win from her. The second broker is one with German roots: Eberhard. Eberhard is already ten years in the profession and has had quite a year in his own office, Hüsch. His strength is his spontaneous smile, and he, too, wants at all cost to win. Wim makes the trio complete. He has loads of experience and wants his customers especially with a good feeling to have such a relationship of trust to create. Honest and sincere, is, according to him, the key to success.

Episode 1 on Monday, 29 October:
Marlo and Vicky find a private spot with an easy connection to Antwerp and Mechelen. In addition to three bedrooms there must also be a space where Marlo his Star Wars collection. But Vicky has a separate wish: she wants her two horses close, and with that, she has no less than 3000m2 of land. Their budget is 370.000 euro.

Episode 2 on Tuesday, October 30:
Lydia and Jeroen currently reside in a rented house and because they are next year going to get married, they find a love nest for themselves. The house should be ready to move in, and the Huizenjagers need to pay special attention to high ceilings and doors, as they are both quite large. A large enclosed garden for the rabbits is also a requirement. And because Lydia and Jeroen together, cycling, diving and disneyspullen collect, they have also sufficient place is needed. It is a whole sandwich and that, for such a 270,000 euros.

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