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Stoffel Vandoorne: “take Advantage of chaos at the start and cars catch up”

6d7afef9e911594d3a01d5ccf990baec - Stoffel Vandoorne: "take Advantage of chaos at the start and cars catch up"

The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne qualified yesterday as seventeenth and the GP of Mexico by gridpenalty as fifteenth position. From there, he wants to be at the start and take advantage of any chaos and trying in the points to finish.

“The times were very close together and it is a pity to than Q2 with a few hundredths to miss. It shows, however, how close everything is,” begins Vandoorne are looking back at the qualification.

“It was a bit colder today, what is something easier for me what the tyres are concerned. However, We will see what the race brings. Hopefully the bandendegradatie an important factor to continue and then we will see how it eventually ends.”

“There are always small things you can improve, and it is very tricky due to the height at which we drive. However, it is the same for everyone. Overall, I am satisfied, however, with my round and it was just about the maximum possible today.”

The race concerned is hoping Vandoorne’re still on a any puntenfinish, though he will also be on what happiness should be counted.

“Generally, I think that we here a little closer to the rest than expected. Hopefully we can do that also during the race show. I think there will be, especially when the bandendegradatie is as previously during the race weekend.”

“We will be on what happiness should count if we get good results want to drop. During the first laps there with those tight turns is always a bit of chaos. I still remember that I was here last year, and during the first round eight places won. There can also a lot to be done and I will re-try the same to do!”

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