Sam De Bruyn gives Hilde Crevits embarrassing moment

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Qmusic-dj and Red Nose Day ambassador, Sam De Bruyn launches special for Red Nose Day a new podcast: The Class of Sam. From today, Friday 26 October, he pulls every week with a well-known Flemish person to his/her high school. They talk in the school is a hour long about how the well-known Flemish person to his/her school has experienced. This week, the Flemish minister of Education Hilde Crevits, together with Sam in her secondary school and Technical Institute St. Vincent de paul in Torhout and that evokes a lot of memories. Hilde Crevits says in her previous hoofdklaslokaal, where they English, French and Mathematics was candid about its uncertainties, its dip in the third and fourth secondary, and her rebellious side at school.

Hilde Crevits openly about high school: “I have difficult years had”
“From the third, fourth secondary, when I was at that age came out, I difficult have had for years,” says Hilde Crevits frank. “I was really in a slump and was at odds with myself. I listened to Weltschmerz music, such as that called, read texts where I even more depressed, and was in my bed crying about all the misery in the world. It was a good school with great teachers, but I have so less nice moments.” Sam wondered how she now looks back: “The experience that you have makes you more rest and take a hit,” adds Hilde. “I was even more unsure when I started at the university. I put the bar very high for myself. I was, still by the way, is enormously self-critical. If something goes wrong, I will go myself to analyze what I’m doing wrong. As I look back now to what is by or with which uncertainty is done, then I think: Hilde, it was not necessary to be insecure.”

Sam De Bruyn discovered the schoolmappen of Hilde Crevits: “we don’t need no education’
Hilde Crevits shows Sam some of the folders from the sixth secondary, which they found in the attic. Soon discovered Sam a few remarkable, self-written texts in the folders: ‘We don’t need no education. We don’t need no thought control’, ‘I would you want to take with us to the land of the free’ and ‘Teachers are in the ground well, but you need to have them in there. “It is long ago that I yet have seen,” laughs Hilde. “There is still special in those folders. You can see my handwriting, but then you see suddenly a very different handwriting. That is the handwriting of my best friend from then, Veerle. I remember that we notes, dared to exchange and that we also sometimes made arrangements of who is using which part of the lesson to take over,” confesses to Hilde.

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