Protest against field of lignite mining ended

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VERNON – Environmentalists have Sunday a demonstration against the field of lignite mining in the German Hambach terminated. During the protests, occupy thousands of activists, including 140 Dutch, among others, a railroad from energy giant RWE.

The track is used for the transport of lignite from the bruinkoolgroeve to power plants. The campaigners succeeded in a large excavator to stop. On Saturday tried 250 activists of the quarry to penetrate, but the police prevented that with pepper spray and batons.

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Only on Sunday were the last of activists by the police of the rail removed. According to a spokeswoman for the demonstrators was “necessary violence” used.

“We are pleased that we over the past 24 hours the track is busy may keep, it was a successful action. Locally and internationally we have now the urgency of our message cannot emphasize.”

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The activists were protesting against the environmental pollution that fossil fuels cause, and against the damage that mining of lignite causes in the landscape. According to the campaigners, the Hambach-lignite mine, with an area of eighty square kilometres, the largest coal mine in Europe.

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