Olga Leyers: “sitting in my yoloperiode”

Olga Leyers: "sitting in my yoloperiode"

Olga Leyers has just finished the recordings for the television program “around The world ” with 80-year-olds” behind the back, and is still a law student, but still, they currently have a lot of questions. She admits that they were very “looking” is at this time. Is Olga Leyers on dool?

Olga Leyers was the end of the nineties born but yet she feels very connected with the nineties, she says in Nina, the weekend supplement of The Latest News. The Nanny, Friends, The Spice Girls,… Olga Leyers was fond of. Just as her nineties idols, she is also addicted to clothes. Trends can sometimes be inspiring, but still she follows her own motto: “if it flatters,” says Olga. The youngest of the Leyers-sisters dare sometimes an expensive garment to buy, or else buy them a whole lot of cheap clothes. And then she still has the luxury that they also have a lot of clothes to recycle of her three older sisters and her mommy!

However, she observes that her generation has less ideals than the previous… “We come not more on the street. We are protesting not against capitalism or racism. We have no war, we don’t have to fight for butter and sugar,…” Are we too easy? “We can do what We want and have a lot of luxury,” acknowledges Olga Leyers like no other. Olga Leyers called her generation a bit of the “do-but-to-generation”. Even against their parents, they should not rebel because the party itself is still in Ibiza. “We are sometimes even stricter than our parents. We follow the rules, we are less rock‘n ‘ roll than they are.”

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