Monday night in Level 4

ec7c4c64d9ba127e8fe4de5d4b1a8f7c - Monday night in Level 4

A Saturday night in Aalst. Three young men are stopped for an alcohol screening involve. They appear to be under the influence of alcohol and drugs. The routine check-up, a stone’s throw from the police station, is for the young people sufficient reason to completely through the ribbon to go and even the police to attack. The patrol calls amplification. The agents have all the effort to make the guests to enthrall and grab on to. Once arrived at the police station trying the young people also have the combi to grow.

An intervention in a marital spat. The man threatened the officers with a knife. There are various agents necessary for the man to control and to implement.

Each weekend holds chief inspector Wim his heart fixed, and he hopes that his men the weekend unscathed through; “You are always a target. It is difficult to reduce the risk of a call to estimate. A banal control or intervention can be dangerous work.”

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