Michael Bublé in tears during Carpool Karaoke

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Michael Bublé

Two years ago, when the then 3-year-old Noah was diagnosed with cancer in april showed Bublé to know that his son is clean. When Corden asks how, as a parent, to is gone, the singer immediately tears in his eyes. “It is so hard to acknowledge it, because it is very hard for them to talk. We got the diagnosis and that was it. My life ended,” says an emotional Bublé.

With tears in his eyes, he explains how he and his family dealt with the heavy news. “It was so weird, I’m not okay. I had all that time together, keep strong and stay positive. And as soon as he can no longer be treated was and we were told that he was healthy again, I poured in. My wife had to suddenly take care of me.”

He tells us that his son is a fan of superheroes. “But I say to him always: ‘Spiderman and Superman are great, but they are fake. They are not real. You’re a superhero! You are my hero, my real superhero!”

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