Juvat inspires opponent Rick no fear in

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Rick (l) and Juvat (r).

“He is trying me now a little bit of fear to instill, but that does not work,” says Rick in front of the camera of the ANP. Nevertheless, it is Juvat well prepared for the match, which is Wednesday, november 7, live on broadcast tv. “I definitely have a technique,” he says a bit mysteriously.

Juvat is waiting in the ring. “You have to look very closely to your opponent respond”, he gives a little of his tactics price. “Then I adjust my plan.” The dancer and actor especially enjoy the challenge of Boxing Stars to him. “I find it really fun, the challenge, get your teeth into something new. Then I’m really a beuker.”


That is also true for Rick, which is pretty deep had to go to be in good shape. “I can do ten kilometers of running, but this is something else. I compare it a bit with football of the past, at the beginning of the season was to puke, that is here also the case.”

Rick is not so pressure to his opponent, because he is mainly to the experience. “It does not matter to me who I in the ring stand. For me, it’s a bucketlist that I can afkruisen. It is especially sporty, it makes me not really matter against who I box. And whether I win or lose, it is for me a victory that I go.”


Michella Kox and Amanda Bar go both full for the profit. The with an old hospital wheelchair still have what to fight. In Real girls in the jungle, the two already on the fist, and they do Wednesday over again. “I have a lot of meaning in them”, says Amanda. “I think that my bokstechniek all is well.”

Michella has no idea how good her technique is, but intends to give it everything. “I have never in my life playing sport, I’m on for two months, so we will see.” The training sessions are really a great misery, a bit of a drama for the realityster. “I’ll see what happens in the ring happens. You can do so many things in your head, but when you get there, is everything else. At least, that says my trainer.”

That she may take against Amanda sees Michella as her ’chance’. “I definitely have a bone to pick. This is still good, even though I have no experience and I have never exercised at all. You can go to fight without that you are stuck, that is still a lot of fun?!”

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