’Gifaanval the leader of opposition of Venezuela

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AMSTERDAM – The attack on the Venezuelan opposition leader María Corina Machado had the aim to inject with a lethal, slow-working poison. That sets the former Colombian head of state Andrés Pastrana.

Maria Corina Machado is the leader of the opposition party, Vente, and was last week attacked.

Machado was last week, while the southern Venezuelan city Upata visited, beset by eighty armed supporters of president Nicolas Maduro. Some of them knew Machado, in Venezuela, better known as MCM, some heavy blows to her nose and head to sell. Also, she was on her ponytail pulled.

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The same ex-president Pastrana warned a few days earlier via twitter for an imminent attack on Machado. Venezuela’s leading opposition party, Vente, and is a fierce opponent of dialogue with the chavistische dictator. Therefore, it would be Maduro her out of the way.

,,She is the obstacle to new fake negotiations between regime and opposition,” said Pastrana. Now he notes on twitter that agents of Maduro’s secret police Sebin, the politician with a deadly poison would have wanted to inject.

Tenth floor

The recent years showed Maduro had several opposition leaders in prison. There was recently a council member Fernando Albin from Caracas, which from the tenth floor to his death and fell. The oppositielid was at that time reportedly questioned by Sebin agents.

,,It seems that Maduro me death wish”, said Machado after the attack. ,,The difference is that I have him alive, so he can pay for what he has done.’

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Machado said the population of Upata to be grateful because her supporters her protected when the attackers found a way made for the leader of the opposition. ,,They took the risk and fought back,” said Machado.

According to a group of Cuban dissidents came the command for the attack on MCM of the Cuban island and even out of the house of Raúl Castro. That 65 organisations united in Encuentro Nacional Cubano in the newspaper El Nacional.

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