Defendant Pittsburgh ’utterly unremarkable’

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PITTSBURGH – The prime suspect of the bloody shooting incident in Pittsburgh was, according to his neighbors, completely unobtrusive. “The most frightening is how normal he seemed,” says the neighbor at a local radio station. He says that Robert Bowers about two years ago moved took in the apartment in the place Baldwin.

Robert Bowers fell actually not.

Also, the neighbor says to the newspaper The New York Times nothing to have noticed the sinister plans of Bowers, who is on the internet, no secret made of his anti-semitic ideas. He would against the police have said that he jews wanted to kill.

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Bowers seems to be in the everyday life does not show to have given of his hatred. He made, according to the newspaper, even as little impression on the neighbor manages to sneak up on Owens, that they his name shortly after the meeting and again was forgotten. “I felt guilty because then he said: ‘Hoi manages to sneak up on’, and I me his name couldn’t remember,” she says.

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Owens describes her neighbor as a quiet man. He never had guests, lived alone and looked sometimes until the early hours of the television. Her fiancé, Chris Hall argues that Bowers sometimes in his car was smoking and then apparently to the radio listened. “There was nothing obvious to him. There was not even a bumper sticker on his car.”

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